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    The Lightroom Visual Guide PDF was developed specifically for teaching Lightroom. It provides screen-by-screen assistance to make active use of the many buttons, menus, and options available. Each of the five modules – Library, Develop, Slideshow Print, Web – has dedicated pages with explanations of each of the many palettes and panels. As well, there are pages for setting-up LR preferences, identity plates, renaming templates, importing, exporting and more.

In the Lightroom Visual Guide you’ll find pages dedicated to:

Preferences, Set-up & Customization

Import View

Library Module

Develop Module, Palettes & Adjustment Tools

Slideshow Module

Print Module and Printer settings

Web Module

Export Options

Black & White processing

Everything you need to be successful with Lightroom

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    Lightroom is the tool digital photographers have been waiting for and in version 3, it has matured to become essential for any photographer shooting more than a few hundred images per year. Lightroom combines the power of non-destructive editing based on Adobe Camera Raw with an extensive and powerful database for keeping track of tens of thousands of raw, jpeg, psd and tiff files & videos. And when you print your own photographs - Lightroom makes the process seamless and effortlessly repeatable.

     But LR is not as easy as dragging a few sliders – there’s a learning curve to customizing your workflow for high quality, repeatable results. The Lightroom Visual Guide will get you there!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Visual Guide

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  1.      Terry McDonald is a Canadian artist and workshop leader working in the field of fine art environmental photography. He approaches photography as both an art and a craft: a solid grounding in technique frees him to explore a variety of visual styles. His goal as an artist is to reveal the art inherent in nature.